Chris Evans MP supports Migraine Awareness Week

Sep 26, 2023

Chris Evans is supporting Migraine Awareness Week to raise awareness of the serious impact that migraine has on people living with this condition and the symptoms.

One in seven adults in the UK experience migraine. Over one million live with chronic migraine, meaning they experience headache for at least 15 days a month for three months at a time.

The impact of migraine goes far beyond physical pain. The Migraine Trust reported that a third of callers to their helpline report a decline in mental health due to their migraine. Migraine can also affect all areas of life including ability to work and maintain relationships leaving many of those affected feeling isolated.

A new report from The Migraine Trust also found people with migraine are struggling to access appropriate diagnoses and treatments. Misunderstanding of the condition as ‘just a headache’, lack of specialist care and unequal provision of treatments means many are left struggling alone with debilitating symptoms.

The symptoms of a migraine can include, a very bad headache with a throbbing pain on one side of the head, fatigue, craving certain foods or feeling thirsty, changes in your mood, a stiff neck, problems with sight, numbness or a tingling that feels like pins and needles, feeling dizzy and difficulty speaking.

If migraines are severe or getting worse, or lasting longer than usual, occurring more than once a week or they are difficult to control, it is vital you speak to your GP.

In Wales, NHS Wales has recently developed the All-Wales Headache Toolkit, which will help understand the priorities in headache and migraine care. The toolkit will also support patients through correct identification and diagnosis of headache disorders, make appropriate referrals to secondary care, self-manage their condition after diagnosis and support long term management of patients in primary or community care.

Speaking on Migraine Awareness Week, Chris Evans MP said:

‘Migraine is a serious health condition and can affect the physical and mental health of those living with the condition. That is why I am spreading awareness this Migraine Awareness Week, to encourage those who may be experiencing the symptoms to reach out and get the help they need.’

You can find out more information here:

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