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Getting business in schools

Islwyn MP Chris Evans has called on entrepreneurs to visit their local schools in Wales to talk to students about setting up their own businesses.

At a debate in Westminster Hall, Mr Evans said Wales is too reliant on the public sector and called for the development of the country’s private industries and businesses.

Telling MPs that this can only be achieved by encouraging young people to set up their own businesses, Mr Evans said: ‘We talk all the time about academics, yet the most famous entrepreneurs in this country—Lord Sugar of “The Apprentice”; Duncan Bannatyne of “Dragons’ Den”—share one thing in common. They did not have a single qualification between them, but they managed to build companies that employ thousands of people, bringing wealth to this country.

We need to go into schools to encourage enterprise and innovation. People see business as something exciting – just look at the viewing figures for “Dragons’ Den” or “The Apprentice” – and they want to get involved, but it cannot be on the other side of a television screen. Someone, whether it is Lord Sugar or a local entrepreneur or employer, needs to come to schools to tell children about their experiences.

We must also approach the way we teach our children differently. No two children will learn in the same way, and where some are less academic than others they may be gifted in design or manual labour. Yet we teach all children in the same way. If we want to resolve the issue of social mobility in Wales, we have to look at the ways we are teaching children, and what it is we are teaching them.’