Shadow Defence Minister speaks on Government cuts to Army troops in Wales

Aug 25, 2022

British Army recruits drop by 21% in Wales – as Conservatives push ahead with 10000 troops cut to Army

New Government figures have revealed that British Army recruits have dropped by 21% in Wales- as Conservatives push ahead with further cuts of 10,000 troops to the Army.

Only 370 were recruited into the British Army from Wales in the last year. This has fallen from 520 or by 21% since 2021.

Chris Evans MP for Islwyn said the Conservative have “weakened the foundations of our Armed Forces” over the last 12 years, with over 40,000 full-time troops cut from the UK’s Armed Forces. The Shadow Minister for Procurement has demanded that the Government halt their plans to cut a further 10,000 full-time troops from the British Army.

Full Time Trained Army Strength has fallen from over 100,000 in 2010 to 77,190 in 2022.

Ministers are set to axe one in five soldiers from the British Infantry by the time of the next election.

Chris Evans MP for Islwyn said:

“The Conservatives have weakened the foundations of our Armed Forces.

“Conservative ministers have cut the British army to its smallest size in 300 years, with frontline troops bearing the brunt of these cuts.

“Our Armed Forces are essential to our national security and resilience. With growing Russian aggression, the Government is pushing ahead with further cuts to the Army by 10000 troops over the next three years. Ministers must halt these cuts now.”

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