‘No more talk, time for action’ says Shadow Defence Minister

May 23, 2023

‘No more talk, time for action’ says Shadow Defence Minister.
Mr Evans made the comment after defence questions in the House of Commons on 15th May.
Describing the recent AUKUS pact between Australia, UK and the UK as a ‘game changer’, Mr Evans urged the government to ensure that, the so-called jobs bonanza, will guarantee work for generations to come in places like Barrow- in- Furness, Derby and Devonport by placing guarantees in contracts.
Speaking after defence questions, Mr Evans said
‘AUKUS can be a real game changer for both our British Armed Forces and Industry. However, under this government there has been too many false dawns when it comes to promising jobs.
There is only one way to ensure any jobs created in Barrow, Derby and Devonport are enshrined in government contracts. It really is time the government puts its money where its mouth is to ensure British workers enjoy the benefits of AUKUS.’  

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