MP for Islwyn Supports the Cymru Versus Arthritis Campaign

Jul 18, 2022

In a Parliamentary reception on Wednesday 13th July, Chris Evans MP met with researchers, campaigners and healthcare workers from Versus Arthritis. With almost one-third of the population suffering from musculoskeletal conditions, the work being done by the Welsh Government to provide pain-easing procedures is crucial in changing the lives of those who suffer daily.

In Wales alone, 275,000 suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee, and a further 180,000 suffer from osteoarthritis of the hip. For those who live with severe osteoarthritis, one of the best treatments to ease pain, improve mobility and restore independence is joint replacement surgery. These operations radically improve the quality of people’s lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic unavoidably increased waiting times for those waiting for elective arthritis-related procedures. At the height of the pandemic, hospital safety regulations saw 98,000 people waiting on orthopaedic treatment.

Versus Arthritis welcomed the Welsh Government’s Planned Care Recovery Plan put in place to tackle waiting times for those waiting for elective procedures for musculoskeletal conditions, dubbing it an ‘important milestone on the national scale.’

The MP for Islwyn said:

‘Elective procedures such as joint replacements are vital in transforming the quality of the lives of those living with arthritis, and I welcome the Welsh Government’s efforts in tackling post-pandemic waiting times.’

‘Arthritis and chronic pain should not be a fact of life. We need to continue our efforts to improve access to elective procedures, reduce wait times and change lives.’

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