Islwyn MP supports World Hepatitis Day 2022

Jul 28, 2022

Chris Evans MP is proudly supporting World Hepatitis Day in aiming to eradicate Hepatitis by 2030.

On this World Hepatitis Day, the Islwyn MP is raising awareness of the disease and its symptoms so parents can spot them early. 

Symptoms can include dark urine, grey-coloured poo, itchy skin, jaundice, high temperature, vomiting, loss of appetite, muscle and joint pain.

Earlier this year, Wales experienced a shocking outbreak of Hepatitis, with many children falling seriously ill with liver inflammations. Concerns were raised that children’s immune systems were weakened after repeat lockdowns in the UK. 

Wales has an estimated 8,000 people with hepatitis C, with many remaining undiagnosed. The COVID-19 pandemic drastically impacted treatment rates, with rates in 2020 were 71% lower than the year before in Wales. 

The Islwyn MP is also continuing to support the Welsh Government’s Liver Disease Delivery Plan, which ensures a targeted roll-out of new treatments, and continuing efforts to improve hepatitis C treatment and care in the country. 

“As we move back towards normal life following the pandemic and our children can gather and meet with their friends again, it is crucial to know the signs of Hepatitis. Spotting the signs early can be lifesaving”

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