Islwyn MP objects to the closure of the HSBC branch in Blackwood

Dec 6, 2022

Chris Evans MP has today made his objections to the closure of the HSBC branch in Blackwood. 

Mr Evans has written to HSBC following their announcement that the Blackwood Branch is to close.

HSBC has announced they are closing 114 branches across the UK in 2023, and this is set to include their branch in Blackwood. This follows the closure of two previous branches in Risca and Newbridge.

The closure of bank branches in the UK has steadily been increasing, with over 5000 being closed since 2015, with nearly two thirds of branches in Wales closing. In Islwyn, a third of networks have been lost, leaving only 6 physical branches in the constituency.

Mr Evans raised his concerns about this closure and the impact this will have on those who cannot travel or do not have access to online services.

Chris Evans MP said

‘I am deeply concerned that HSBC are closing their branch in Blackwood. This is unfortunately not the first branch HSBC have closed in my constituency having previously closed both the Risca and Newbridge. At the time I was reassured by the fact constituents had access to the Blackwood branch.

HSBC decision to move customers to the Caerphilly branch, which is over 8 miles away from Blackwood, is completely unacceptable.’  

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