Islwyn MP leads debate in Parliament on tackling illegal off road biking 

Jun 21, 2022

Chris Evans MP last night led a debate into the scourge of illegal off-road biking in his constituency of Islwyn.

Last year Mr Evans presented a petition to Parliament from residents in Abercarn calling for new measures to tackle illegal off-road biking in the valleys following a rise in the number of illegal off-road bikers.

The bikes are known to cause destruction to the landscape leaving once green fields with churned up soil and large ruts in the ground. The vehicles also cause disruption to local communities from the loud noise throughout the day.

Chris Evans MP said he had also received emails from many constituents who had experienced anti-social and threatening behaviour from those participating in the activity.

In the debate the Gwent MP called for the Police to be given new powers to fine those vans who bring the bikes into the valleys as well as an increase in fines to recover bikes seized.

Mr Evans also raised the issue of long waiting times for 101 calls which he argued may lead to underreporting of anti-social behaviour.

Chris Evans MP said

‘It is crucial that we make these changes so that my constituents and members of public from across the country can enjoy the amazing landscapes Islwyn has to offer, without fear or intimidation.’

‘The problem may not be wide scale enough to draw massive amounts of attention but for those affected it has an enormous impact on day-to-day life, from the noise to the intimidation we must end the scourge of illegal off-road biking. I do believe that tackling this problem is something which could gain cross party support. I hope the Minister will consider my proposals.’

‘I look forward to meeting with the Minister to discuss this matter further’

You can watch the full speech here –


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