Islwyn MP calls for an investigation into Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

Sep 23, 2021


Islwyn MP, Chris Evans has called for a government investigation into Dwr Cymru Welsh Water. Citing the high prices Dwr Cymru Welsh Water charge their customers together with their environmental record, Mr Evans said it was ‘shameful families were let down on something as vital as their water bills.’


In 2020, median gross weekly earnings in Wales were the third lowest amongst the 12 UK countries and English regions, and yet Welsh Water’s forecast average bill in 2021-2022 is the 3rd highest of all companies in England and Wales. Just over the border Severn Trent Water charge some of the lowest bills. In Wales, there have been examples of water supply being cut off, of communities who have been without water for weeks, and of rivers being polluted.


Calling for an urgent investigation, Mr Evans said: ‘It is amazing that Dwr Cymru Wels Water claims it works in the best interests of people, when it fails to deliver good customer service, show blatant disregard for our environment while at the same time charging some of the highest prices in the country. This has been going on to long, both Ofwat and the Government should take a serious look at the failings of Dwr Cymru Welsh Water.’  


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