Islwyn MP backs Stagecoach staff in pay negotiation

Oct 12, 2021

Chris Evans, MP for Islwyn, has offered his support to the Stagecoach bus drivers and depot staff in their negotiations over unfair pay.

Bus drivers for Stagecoach are considering action over their pay and conditions after Stagecoach refused to pay the same as their competitors.

Mr Evans said:

“In the pandemic we clapped for our key workers, this included our bus drivers. Many hospital staff in my constituency rely on public transport to get to and from work. Without our bus drivers and depot staff continuing to work throughout the pandemic, our health care would have been put under even more strain.

“That is why I must support Stagecoach staff in Blackwood and across Wales in their fight for a fair wage.

“£10.50 is not an unrealistic wage, in fact workers for Newport Transport already receive this wage.

“It is unacceptable for Stagecoach staff to have their paid breaks and sick pay removed from them.

“We have seen the impact of shortages of HGV drivers we do not need to see what a shortage of bus drivers would do to our communities.

“I have agreed to meet with Stagecoach to discuss this further, but I am clear that Stagecoach staff have my full support.

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