Co-op Newbridge Statement – By Chris Evans MP

Sep 23, 2021

Following the news of the imminent closure of the Co-Op store in Newbridge, Chris Evans, MP for Islwyn, has written to the CEO of Co-Op expressing his concern on the decision, which will have a huge impact on the local community. 

Mr Evans said: ‘Over the past day I have heard from staff and local residents who have expressed serious concerns about the impact on the area, concerns which I very much share,  

This will be a devastating blow to the local community who now will not have easy access to groceries. Those who are reliant on public transport will now have to pay to access their groceries as there are no other supermarkets within walking distance of Newbridge. For those on low incomes this will have a huge impact. 

I am extremely disappointed at how late in this process I have been informed of the decision. I would have welcomed consultation much earlier in this process. As a company who claims to value social responsibility, I have written to the co-ops CEO Steve Murrel to request a meeting to discuss the impact on the local community.’  

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