Islwyn MP welcomes Caerphilly Unison branch to Parliament

Nov 8, 2022

Chris Evans MP has met with representatives from Unison Caerphilly branch in Parliament to discuss the cost- of- living crisis and his constituency Islwyn.
The Islwyn MP heard about how the cost – of- living crisis is affecting unison members, and how in-work poverty and low public sector funding are contributing to the crisis.


On Wednesday 2nd November, the Trade Union Congress launched a mass lobby of Parliament to shine a light on the fact that this emergency is hitting family budgets in every area – and every parliamentary constituency.


The TUC has found that 1 in 5 people in Islwyn have missed a meal or gone without food, and 1 in 2 are cutting back on both spending on food and on the amount of heating and electricity they are using.


Chris Evans MP said:


“It was great to meet with Unison union in Parliament to discuss how the cost- of- living crisis is affecting people in Islwyn. I have heard from my own constituents about how worried people are about the cost-of-living crisis, with the winter fast- approaching, even more people struggle even more to afford to keep their heating on. 


The Government have been too preoccupied with their own chaos to deal with this crisis, not only have they failed to help they have made it worse. They must act now to save people from a very difficult winter. More must be done to tackle this crisis” 

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