Chris Evans MP warns of the danger of the hot weather to pets and gives his top tips to keep them cool. 

Jul 19, 2022

With Wales reaching it’s hottest day on record, Chris Evans MP is speaking the importance of keeping your pets cool during the heat.  

During his trip to Battersea Cats and Dogs home last week, the Islwyn MP learnt how dogs can’t cool themselves down by sweating like humans can, so they rely on the heat being released through their paws and through panting. However, this cooling system isn’t very efficient in a hot environment, so overheating can easily occur which can cause dehydration, heatstroke and even death. 

Chris Evans MP and Battersea’s top tips for keeping your dog cool are: 

  • Don’t leave your pet unattended in any confined space – including conservatories or caravans. 
  • Take them for a walk early morning or later in the day and don’t exercise them too vigorously. 
  • Keep them hydrated! Take a supply of cold fresh water and a portable bowl with you when out and about. Stop regularly so they can take in water.  
  • Avoid taking your dog on a walk along hot surfaces like tarmac, opt for grassy walks instead. 
  • Keep them cool – one inventive way to do this is to spray cool (not ice cold) water on your pet including the paws and stomach. You can also use a wet towel in the shade to lay on or even a paddling pool. 
  • Ice lollies for pets or anything that has a high water content is always a great way to keep your pets cool. Ice lollies can be filled with pet-friendly ingredients such as frozen broth or frozen yoghurt. 
  • Frequent brushing keeps the undercoat maintained which is part of the dog’s natural cooling system. 

Chris Evans MP said:  

‘Our pets four legged friends are a huge part of many families across the UK, but they are forced to walk around in a fur coat and can’t tell us how hot they are’  

‘Battersea’s tips can help us keep our pets safe and cool over this freak heatwave’  

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