Chris Evans MP presses Ministers on investment into UK helicopter industry. 

Feb 22, 2022



The Shadow Minister for Defence Procurement spoke in Parliament today about the need for long-term investment into apprenticeships and skills development.


Mr Evans has said that the upcoming new medium helicopter contract is an opportunity for the government to ensure long term investment in the UK helicopter industry, as well as resilience and sovereign capabilities in manufacturing.


Ben Wallace, the Secretary of State, has said of Helicopter manufacturing contract competition that he does not want “here today, gone tomorrow” suppliers.  Yet no commitment has been made by the MOD for the chosen helicopter to be built in Britain, as Labour have called for.


The Shadow Minister said:


“The Government needs to provide concrete plans for ensuring long-term investment into the UK helicopter industry. There are many highly skilled engineering design and manufacturers in the UK, and they deserve the opportunity to develop their skills and advance their careers.”


“This is why I am calling on the Government to support our current, and future, workforce and provide apprenticeships and enduring skills development programs that create a sustainable future for the British helicopter industry.”




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