Chris Evans MP Marks International Animal Rights Day and Advocates for Reggie’s Law

Dec 14, 2021

To mark International Animal Rights Day, Chris Evans MP is supporting the petition for Reggie’s Law. The Law, proposed in honour of Reggie, a three-month-old puppy who died of parvovirus just four days after arriving home with his family, calls on the Government to introduce stricter regulations on all websites where animals are sold.

According to Mr Evans, current legislation does not go far enough in preventing breeder’s malpractice and mistreatment of the animals in their care. The founder of Justice for Reggie, Richard Ackerman, said:
“It is obvious the financial gain in puppy trading is fuelling the mistreatment, and Lucy’s law is not being policed properly. There are too many loopholes in the legislation, and it is clear more needs to be done immediately to stop this.”

Reggie’s law requires all breeders be licensed and liable for regular legal inspections to ensure standards are maintained. It also calls for certification issued by a veterinary practice within 14 days of birth to ensure the animals are of good health.

Chris Evans MP will also speak in a Westminster Hall Debate next week on this petition. During his speech he will call for increased regulations to be placed on animal selling-sites, with more stringent checks being carried out by established selling-sites on potential sellers. This would include proof of identity in the form of a passport or proof of address.

With the increase of animal imports, the law also mandates a minimum age of international import and export of 6 months to ensure no animals with known health issues are sold to unknowing customers.

Chris Evans MP said:

“We must protect the most vulnerable in our society, and animals must be at the forefront of that effort. Puppy farms and unethical dog breeding practices have long been a source of animal rights abuses, and it is time we legislate the industry to prevent more cases like Reggie’s.”

“This is why I, in line with the Justice for Reggie campaign, am calling for the Government to adopt and implement Reggie’s Law and increase online regulations to ensure seller transparency, the availability of veterinary records, and ongoing inspections on registered breeders.”


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