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‘Public ownership will bring water bills down’ says Islwyn MP

Chris Evans, the MP for Islwyn has welcomed Labour plans to take the water industry back into public ownership. Saying it will lower bills and improve customer confidence.

The average cost of a household’s yearly water supply differs dramatically depending on suppliers. According to the National Audit Office on average a year’s water supply from Severn Trent is £333, while the same years supply from Welsh Water is £440. Severn Trent supplies Gloucester just across the Welsh border. Meaning that those who live just miles apart can be paying hugely different prices for their water supply.

Mr Evans said ‘This is inherently unfair on my constituents.

‘Households unlike the business sector do not choose their water provider. This means that water providers have a natural monopoly.

‘It is wrong that the price of your water bill is dependent on when you live in the country. Public ownership will end the post code lottery.’