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MP demands action and slams ‘disgraceful’ standard of forces accommodation

The MP for Islwyn, Chris Evans, has said the standard of accommodation offered to armed forces personnel and their families is ‘disgraceful’ and the government must take action to ensure improvements.

At a Westminster Hall debate on the future shape of the Armed Forces, the Gwent MP hit out at the poor service provided by contractors responsible for maintaining accommodation for forces families.

In July 2016, an inquiry by the Public Accounts Committee, of which Mr Evans is a member, concluded that service families have been ‘badly let down for many years and are not getting the service they have a right to expect’.

A report by the National Audit Office in 2016 also found the satisfaction of contractor CarillionAmey’s maintenance request responses and the quality of maintenance service reached as low as 32% and 29% respectively.

Mr Evans said:

‘Those who join the Armed Forces play a unique and vital role, bravely risking their lives to keep us safe. Their families absolutely deserve the very best accommodation we can give them.

‘What they do not deserve is the disgusting, unacceptable and appalling treatment they have received at the hands of unscrupulous contractors such as CarillionAmey.

‘In one case a family had mould and damp problems simply painted over and had considerable difficulty getting any maintenance work carried out.

‘It would be a disgrace for any family to live with these conditions, but it is especially appalling that forces families must live in this way.

‘I strongly urge the Minister and the government as a whole to review the contracts and take action to put an end to this shambles now.’