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‘Be A Nice Guy’ this Halloween, says Islwyn MP

Chris Evans, the Member of Parliament for Islwyn, has pledged his support for a Gwent Police campaign to reduce the number of anti-social incidents over Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Operation BANG (Be A Nice Guy), which was launched by Gwent Police in October 2007, aims to remind children and young people to be considerate of people who might be intimidated by ‘trick or treat’ callers and fireworks.

The campaign also encourages businesses not to sell eggs or flour to under-18s during the week of Halloween to reduce anti-social behaviour. Residents may also request or print a ‘no callers please’ sign for their home or business from the Gwent Police Website at

Mr Evans said: ‘Every year it is a pleasure to see children and people of all ages enjoying Halloween and Bonfire Night festivities, but it is important to remember that not everyone wants to take part.

‘Every year Gwent Police do an excellent job with Operation BANG, simply asking for revellers to show some consideration. I fully support their campaign and I look forward to another successful year.

‘I would also encourage shopkeepers who want to support the campaign, and residents who wish not to be disturbed, to visit the Gwent Police website to download or request an information or ‘No Callers’ poster.’