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Islwyn MP reveals ‘I suffered from all the causes of body dysmorphia’

 In a Westminster Hall debate on eating disorders MP Chris Evans revealed that he suffered from all the causes of body dysmorphia. He explained the trigger of the dysmorphia was that his parents were going through a divorce and he found his exams stressful. While Mr Evans dysmorphia went away after an injury to his arms he emphasised that other people may have a harder time.

The MP for Islwyn also criticised the media’s treatment of extreme weight loss and exercise in the impassioned speech. He gave the example of the media’s recent response to Mark Wahlberg’s extreme routine which includes exercising twice before 7:30 in the morning. He argued this could send a dangerous message to young people about how to live a healthy life style.

Fellow MP Dr Lisa Cameron thanked Mr Evans for ‘raising the issue of body image, particularly for young men, because often that is overlooked’

Mr Evans paid tribute to those who struggle with eating disorders. He encouraged them to seek help by closing his speech with ‘I say to them: “Talk to someone. Seek out the help you need. It does not have to be from a professional—it just has to be from someone you trust. If you come forward, you will find that people do not judge you but try to help you if they can.”

You can find my full speech here